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ACR Consulting provides a wide range of services for healthcare executives from crisis to long range strategic planning. Our core team has over 100 years of wisdom to share. We work well with all stakeholders including board members, physicians/providers, all management levels, front line staff and community leaders. Other consulting companies may offer similar services but not our wisdom, values and the visual management performance system which differentiates us from the crowd.  

Visual Management Performance System (VMPS) Overview

The VMPS is a team-based management approach that aligns leaders and staff to organizational strategic goals and relevant tactics at all levels of the organization. It provides a visual framework to help leadership and staff know what’s important and where to focus human resource attention to reach relevant goals.

  • Encourages objective, data-driven decision making
  • Cascades strategic planning throughout all levels of the organization
  • Empowers staff in improvement efforts

ACR consulting has a systematic approach for broad adoption while encouraging flexibility to make improvement efforts meaningful and actionable for each team.

This approach was used and refined over 7 years at a mid-sized rural community medical center with superior results within a large midwest health system.  Lessons learned include:

  • Emphasize “people side” of change as well as “technical side”
  • Use plain-language terminology whenever possible
  • Servant Leadership behaviors when consistently modeled, produces superior front line outcomes (listening, conceptualization, commitment to the growth of people, stewardship)
  • Relevant metrics critical for front line adoption

Three Steps for Success: The VMPS has three sequential service levels. The first two phases can be acquired independent of the other, but the maintenance phase is only available to those organizations that completed phase 2.

Assessment – Phase 1: Conduct onsite interviews to better understand the organizations plan (organizational goals, tactics and adoption). Assess performance against the plan and design and deliver a survey to measure cultural adoption using the ADKAR framework.

Adoption – Phase 2: Customize and brand the VMPS to the client’s unique organizational attributes. Train and coach deployment with leadership and management.

Maintenance – Phase 3: Consult as needed to maintain the system and share learnings from other organizations. Join a community of medical systems using VMPS to learn from one another and collaborate to improve organizational performance. This exclusive collaborative is built on organizations that do not compete in each other’s markets and embrace continuous learning.  Connect with Adam